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What is SWAG | Connect

If you're an event planner, SWAG | Connect is a hassel free way to put together giftbags for your next event. It's free, but most importantly, it's convenient. Whether you're planning a meeting, conference, party, or just a get together with friends, we can help make sure that you're guests walk away with something that is sure to make sure they remember the event.

Exciting giveaways for your event partcipants
Send your guests home with something to remember the event
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If you're a company looking to gain brand exposure, we're ready to help find an event that is sure to have a relevant audience for your products or services. We'll locate the right opportunity for you, and give you a chance to provide your companies branded giveaway in an event's giftbag.

Maximize Your Marketing Spend
Use inexpensive giveaways to gain effective brand exposure
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